Humhum Waterfall Stories

28/5/2014 I still remember the date because it was my first travelling with my friends toward Humhum. It was discovered in 2010. It is situated in the Razkandi reserve forest, Maulvibazar Sylhet district. 29/05/2014 we were 13 people in the morning sharp 9 started our adventure. We only knew that we have to walk and hike small, medium and sometimes big hills. But we didn’t realize how much horrifying it would be because one of my friends got injured and also for the bad weather condition. Because June is the season of rain in Bangladesh. We hired one guide who knew this area well. As we were excited so began with joy and a feeling of searching for diamonds, but soon we realize the journey will not be easy. We were entering in a jungle, the road was muddy, sloppy, and soggy. We were passing through very small lakes, but as speed accelerated we even found water, which was closest to our throat, the depth was that level. Another trouble was wormed, woodlice, thorn, snail. These insects were in our hands, socks and feet. That’s why we bought salt for protection. The worm was sucking our blood we noticed it later, but it was of no use because you don't know when they are entering into your body. After that we faced many hill tracks. As it was raining climbing was becoming very dangerous for us as well as difficult. The hills were like 6 storied building. We used bamboo to control our balance. We were somehow managed to go up, but when the time came to go down feeling was terrible. We have also seen many flat fountains and a bed of black stones. It was supposed to take 2 hours, but we spent 3.5 hours to reach our goal. After climbing the mountain when we were at ground, the ground was sometime hard sometime watery. Under the water, there were stones, bamboos. One of my friends feet stuck in the middle of the bamboo and her ankle injured. We were so close to our destination that we were feeling a cold breeze and a sound of water falling. But you know when God does something more vigorously he gives the finishing in a unique way. So the wrap up was little bit curvy. When we first saw the landscape after spent 3.5 hours we forgot our pain. I first saw in front of my eyes the natural beauty of the earth. As the day was ending the golden ray with little foggy environment makes the scenario more praiseworthy. After enjoyment it was the time to go back from Humhum. We were very happy, but as well as sacred how we will handle our injured friend she was bulky. It took almost 5-6 hours, returning to our resort. We faced same vertical-horizontal alley, the new addition was bamboo made thin bridge. We covered this kind of path 3 times and below this there was deep river. We heard the sound of hideous animal. Our support system was only that bamboo and mobile torch. By the grace of God, we reached safely. After a few days we saw a video of this this area covered by a travelling group. There they mentioned this is the park of panther, tiger, beer and many unknown noxious insects and animals.

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